DAQA provides unique, bespoke solutions to clients by focusing on three main areas.

Deployment & Operations

Strategic planning, implementation, and rollout of global production support operations.

Whether using internal teams or external partners, DAQA can analyze existing set-up, then make specific recommendations to build a scalable, flexible foundation for future studio growth. Supporting both development and publishing, without hindering creativity and enabling a focus to ensure the best possible player experience.

Community & Online

Beta testing and live QA operations.

Better utilization of online communities, hybrid with internal teams to provide bespoke live QA and support solutions. Utilizing the correct platforms and tools provides effective strategies to ensure smooth title launches and ongoing live operational support.

Tools & Technology

Automation, machine learning, and platforms for QA and support.

Building tools, technologies, and platforms can better address the needs of the future state of game development. Reducing reliance upon and enhancing the performance of manual testing, empowering teams to be more effective and focused on complex human intelligence tasks and analysis.

What We Do

Evaluation, Implementation, Representation.

DAQA provide analysis and evaluation of existing global production support operations then makes specific, strategic recommendations for future structure and scalability.

We can then implement those initiatives, this can be anything from building internal teams, through to running large RFP and pilots with potential partners for selection.

DAQA also represent high quality, client focused, unique and potentially disruptive game services companies. This is primarily, although not exclusively, focused on tools, technology, and platform.

Mainly we enjoy working on interesting projects with cool companies and nice people.

It’s not all about the money, if you just need some quick advice like recommending good outsource partners or solid approaches to set-up, contact us, we’d love to hear from you.